(Rosa Rubiginosa)

Originally grown in Chile and used by the Mayans and Egyptians thousands of years ago as a herbal remedy for numerous aliments, rosehip it has become very popular in recent times.

It is a versatile product which can be produced in a number of forms such as:

  • rosehip oil
  • rosehip shells
  • dried rosehips
  • rosehip powder
  • and rosehip tea cut

The health benefits which rosehip offers can be enjoyed by humans as well as animals.

Rosehip powder for dogs


Our rosehip products include a list of active components which promote anti-aging and skin health, such as vitamin C (20 x more than oranges), lycopene (an effective anti-oxidant), vitamin A (a standard active ingredient in lots of skin care items), omega 9 (an important Fatty acid), beta-carotene (a strong anti-oxidant) and omega-6 (an important fat acid to decrease associated swelling and fine lines.

Rosehip also has anti inflammatory properties which help with joint pain associated with arthritis.

With all these active components, rosehip offers a variety of indispensable advantages, to ones general health and well being, including your pets.