Canine Rosehip Powder

A specially formulated rosehip powder compound for all breeds of dogs

 All our products are 100% natural with no added chemicals


Rosehip Canine Powder is a specially formulated all-natural organic product with all the vitamins and minerals your dog will need to sustain a healthier life.

It can be fed to all dog breeds including lactating females and young puppies.

It consists of pure rosehip powder and has no added chemicals. It has nearly 700% more vitamin C than oranges and is popular for its anti-oxidants which stops cell damage by oxidants and also repairs broken and damaged cells.

It helps boost the immune system keeping your dog free from toxins and infections. It is high in magnesium, iron and calcium which helps maintain healthy bones and joints and assists with flexibility.

Its anti-inflammatory properties relieves pain, swelling and tenderness caused by arthritis, Hip-Dysplasia or any other joint problems. Iodine will help with the support of your dog’s digestive and Metabolic functions. Selenium helps fight against oxidative stress like aging, pollution and cancer.

Zinc will help boost your dog’s body function in several areas and maintain healthy skin and coat condition. Iron will assist by helping to provide oxygen to both organs and muscles.

To help you dog recover better after surgery you can add Rosehip Canine Powder to his meal. Rosehip Canine Powder has so many healing properties that will help sustain your dog with a tail wagging happy and healthier life, because after all everything is better the natural way.

rosehip powder for dogs

Simply sprinkle over dry, wet or raw food.

  • Specially formulated/natural and organic
  • Boost the immune system
  • Nearly 700% more vitamin C than oranges
  • Anti-oxidants which stops cell damage
  • Keeps your dog free from toxins and infections
  • Help maintain healthy joints and bones
  • Relieves pain, swelling and tenderness
  • Helps with arthritis, Hip Dysplasia or any joint problems
  • Supports digestive system
  • Fights against oxidative stress (pollution & cancer)
  • Maintains healthy skin and coat
  • Improves recovery after injury