Rosehip Feline Powder 250g


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  • All-natural nutritional organic supplement.
  • No added preservatives or chemicals.
  • Contains nearly 700% more vitamin C than oranges.
  • Enriched with the following vitamins and minerals:
    • Vitamin E: protect the cell membranes; fight against the
      biological effects of stress; improve the immune defences.
    • Vitamin C: Boosts the body’s immune system, reduce
      inflammation, Neutralise free radicals
    • Calcium: Maintains healthy bones and teeth.
    • Magnesium: For the nervous system and muscle contraction,
      contributes to the body’s general energy metabolism.
    • Manganese: Produces energy, metabolize protein and
      carbohydrates, and to make fatty acids. It is an important
      part of many enzymes and plays a role in the health and
      maintenance of bone and cartilage in joints.


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